Monday, April 8, 2013

Goals (More Specifically - How I got back to being as fat as I used to think I was)

One single word...
Yet it is SO big.  
Especially when you don't have it. 
I don't have it either. 
But today - I'm happy to say

This is me on December 12th, 2012.   
I weighed... 
Lets just say I was well over 200 lbs.  
Well.  Over.  
But not quite halfway to 300.   

This is me on March 11th, 2013. 
52.6 lbs less.
I lost a WHOLE kindergartener worth of fat.  
In just under 90 days
(which isn't that impressive I guess)
Except for the past where I tell you

     I'm a Mom to 5 kids - and have no time to count calories or work out.  I DID join Snap Fitness recently, and have gone 7 times total (in 6 weeks time)... which still sucks, but is better than before. 

     Before Christmas I saw a friend of mine was having some good results from a healthy weight loss plan called Zija .   It was less than a dinner out for Brandt and I - so I bought an 8-day sample pack.

     I thank GOD for that decision daily.

     By the end of the 1st DAY - I had more energy (NEVER anything jittery -  I just wanted to DO things... I felt good!) - and I had a much smaller appetite.  I simply wasn't hungry.

    This continued for all 8 days - and while I DID continue eating the foods I normally would have eaten - I stopped having cravings.  SERIOUSLY - they were gone within days.  I didn't want junkfood - and when I ate, I got full so much faster than normal. 

     Is it safe?   YES.    If you can eat food YOU CAN USE ZIJA PRODUCTS. 

     Zija is simply a nutritional weightloss program made from Moringa Oleifera.

     Moringa is a tree that grows in India.   John Hopkins University has done a TON of in depth research about moringa.  They love it.   The Discovery Channel has done a documentary on it.   More recently, Dr. Oz did a segment on his show. 

    Zija has literally PERFECTED Moringa.

     They DO NOT heat pasteurize it.  When you get it -  it's enzymatically alive.

     Moringa sold in stores comes in 400-600 mg capsules.  ONE DRINK MIX  (Xm+ or SmartMix) has approx 30 GRAMS of Moringa (meaning you'd need to take 50-75 capsules worth to equal this).

     Zija organically grows their Moringa.

     For weight loss - they have added some green coffee bean and dutch cocoa to help with fat burning, and have added sea kelp, ashwagandah, and gynema sylvestre to aide in appetite suppression (and LEMME TELL YA... IT WORKS!!!).   There is some natural plant derived caffeine in 2 of the products for those that want some extra energy (a little more than a cup of coffee's worth) - and THAT IS IT.

     NOTHING artificial.  NOTHING fake.  NOTHING bad.  

     Moringa has:
 92+ verifiable vitamins& minerals
46 anti-oxidents
36 anti-inflammatory properties
(have I mentioned the pain from my herniated discs is 90-95% GONE???)
ALL 9 essential amino acids
11 ADDITIONAL amino acids

For $20 you can get an 8-day supply to try. 
PayPal your $20 and name/address to:
OR call me!   612-282-2242.

If you want a whole month worth (which has a money back guarantee through Zija)
It's $200 for any of the packs (SuperMix, SmartMix, or XM+)
AND with this - THIS WEEK ONLY - you get a FREE 8-Day Supply either shipped to YOU or a FRIEND!!! 

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