Tuesday, January 15, 2013


      Here I am on day 33 of a weight loss / nutrition program and have lost 20.6 lbs so far with ZERO effort on my behalf.  I have energy every single day - I'm NEVER hungry anymore - and I feel incredible despite still not making it to the gym.

      For those of you who don't want to know MY details - check out the links directly below.  If you want to know my story - keep on reading down below the links. 


The Discovery Channels video on WHY Moringa Oleifera is AMAZING.
90 verifiable vitamins & nurtients. 


Dr. Oz also RAVES about Moringa Oleifera...

      The mere fact that I've lasted 33 days at ANYTHING should speak volumes to you - unless, of course, you don't know how I've given up on every other weight loss plan/program/shake/drink/etc within a week or two tops.

     Maybe you don't know how this is at least the 5th or 6th thing I've tried to lose weight...  or know that I forgot to turn off AutoShip on the last program I used and ended up giving away $400+ worth of products because I could not gag down even one more shake or shot glass full nasty cleansing juice.  Maybe you don't understand how having to make 2 shakes a day could be too difficult for me to follow through with - and that when I could finally eat for a day or at least a meal, how 500-600 calories just wasn't gonna cut it.

     Maybe you don't know that in 2009 I herniated 2 discs and then re-injured them this fall and have been too scared to go to the gym... or that I've continued to pay for our membership month after month because I just knew that somehow, paying for it would motivate me to go.  HA!

     Maybe YOU have willpower and haven't ever chewed up an Oreo cookie and then spit it out into the sink JUST so you could taste it.

     As for me?  Notsomuch.  I have no willpower whatsoever.  Never have and probably never will.  While I don't consider myself lazy (We have 5 kids and own a business) I have issues with following through - and regularly will leave the kids folded laundry in nice neat piles on the washer/dryer instead of carrying them upstairs and putting them away.   I fail on so many levels (at least feel that I do) and any time I could spend working on growing my willpower (if this is even possible) is spent frantically looking for a child's shoe, or a hat every morning before we can leave the house for the day.  I digress - I'm a mess.

     So... longer story shorter, there I was - I had just gotten my Zija Fit Pack in the mail a few days earlier.  In a hurry I opened it, took out the contents - and opened up a pack containing the XMam capsules.  It was still before lunchtime - so I took one without reading anything on the box.  I went to work, accomplished quite a lot - then went home and cleaned both the little kids bedrooms.  Top to bottom.  Then I brought up the kids clothes and put them in their dressers.  We ate a late dinner because I simply can't multitask as well as everyone else - and at 9pm all the kids were asleep.

     For the next few days - I took an XMam capsule before noon each day.  I had energy ALL day long.  I'm not talking about jittery - coffee energy... but I just DID things I normally wouldn't do.  Mt. Laundry dwindled and I even took all 6 sets of bedding to the laundromat and washed it all at once.  I was SuperMom compared to normal.  That night, Brandt asked how my back was.  I told him it wasn't too bad.  I figured that all the moving around had probably loosened it up a little.  Besides, I was down 5.2 lbs and didn't really care about much else!

     I decided to order a months worth of the XMam capsules - and I finally got around to trying the drink packets that came with my Fit Pack.  There were 2 different drink packets.    XM+ and SmartMix. 

     Each morning for the next 8 days - in addition to using an XMam capsule before lunch, I mixed up a drink pack (tastes like mildly sweetened iced tea) and drank it before breakfast.   My back pain lessened each day - my energy level was still amazingly high - and I lost another 6 lbs for a total of 11.2 in 16 days.  I figured there HAD to be something to this and my back hurting less... and when I brought the info to my chiropractors, I was told that while it wasn't magic and certainly didn't put the cushioning back between my discs - it DID have some awesome anti-inflammatory properties.  This isn't a drug - it's nutrition... vitamins & nutrients.  It's safe - and I should keep on keeping on :-)

    As of this past Monday (Jan 7th, 2013) My back pain has been completely gone.  DAILY back pain that was a 6 to an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 was now gone.  And I had lost even more weight.  As of today... day 33, I'm down 20.6 lbs.  I don't get hungry at all.  In fact - the first thing EVERYONE else who has tried this (from me) has told me is that they have huge amounts of energy and they are NEVER hungry.   The next thing they tell me is that they're surprised at how good the drink packets taste.  I've had people RAVE about their backs (and other aches) hurting less and less...  I've had people lose 5 lbs in their first 2 days - and EVERYONE except the already skinny people has lost weight.  I can't say enough good stuff about it.

     It's the easiest thing I've ever done.  I mix up one drink packet with 12 oz water and a few ice cubes each morning and drink it.  Then I take an XMam capsule before I eat lunch, which makes me not want to eat lunch (although I've been starting to make myself eat in spite of not wanting to).  Occasionally, when I remember, I take an XMpm capsule before dinner... and sometimes I make a cup of Premium tea in the evening before bed.  The tea is a detoxifier - and MAN... ummmm.... it works.  I recommend you take it on a Friday so you can be home near the bathroom the following morning.  It gets better (likely because I'm cleaner) with each time I use it - so sticking close to home isn't a necessity so much anymore. 

     I am so thankful to have found Zija.  It's the easiest thing I've ever done to lose weight - and to become healthier.  In fact - I recently joined yet another gym and won't be paying for it without using my membership this time around.  I feel that good!  



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