Tuesday, October 23, 2012


     I have to admit, in real life, I'm the friend who will send you a card a day the week of your birthday, pick out a wonderful gift for you, make you a fabulous birthday dinner... and then proceed to disappear off the face of the earth for the next 4 days not returning any text messages, e-mails, or phone calls.  I'm that girl. 

     It's never because I'm angry or upset about anything - but most likely have just gotten busy (busier) with life and children and work and crafting and most recently wrapping Christmas gifts.  So please use this as an excuse for my not-so-current-blog if you will.

     We've been taking pictures and more pictures and then for good measure even more pictures. 

      Then we napped.  Though not enough in my opinion.


     We had our first day of Kindergarten.

     We've been crafting everything from camera strap covers to HERDS of wine-cork reindeer ornaments to cinnamon scented wax dipped pine-cones... and hair clips, and lit garland, and wreaths, and a dozen other different kinds of ornaments...


     We've been busy.  In a good, it's almost the Holiday Season kinda way.  

And we've been dreaming of what we'd like for Christmas.

Newer, longer pants are definitely on the list!

And we've been taking some time to have a relaxing bonfires with friends & family.

So while we're preoccupied with things like making cookies & chili & homemade bread...  I'm GOING to find time to write more often.  I promise!

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