Thursday, July 5, 2012

Subtly Loud

     After chatting via e-mail with one of my best friends ever, I realized something pretty important:  Actions do speak louder than words.  She had recently had a confrontation with her significant other about something, and he had gone from basically saying He'd do whatever he had to do to fix the problem, to saying "If you need me to do that, I will"... 

     The way their argument played out was an old story in our house.  Neither Brandt nor I are perfect, but there are days I forget this.  In fact, I forget this much much more often than he does.  There are plenty of reasons I love Brandt, and even more reasons why I'm still "in love" with him.  It's because he's subtly loud with his faith and his actions. 

     He's never once nagged me to do something.  I get reminded, but it's always nicely.   When I moved his truck for him a couple weeks ago, it was left on KTIS (our local Christian Station).  He owns a bible and has read it.  He has more patience with our children than I ever thought possible, but is also very stern with them when it matters.  He doesn't preach religion.  He doesn't tell the kids or I what he thinks is right or wrong.  He shows us.  He will work a 14 hour day and then stay up to help one of them with their homework.  He is very much responsible for all 7 of us financially, and will still take a day off in the middle of the work week to treat us to a day at Valley Fair, knowing he'll have to squeeze in the extra work somewhere along the line.  He will spend a HUGE amount of time teaching our 3 year old how to swim across the pool because I'm sure he's heard me worry about anyone drowning once too many times.   He will give 4-wheeler rides in 100 degree heat and is very open to trips to Dairy Queen after we have our jammies on.  He's quick to forgive, and has a zest for life like I've never seen in anyone else before. 

     Actions speak louder than words.  And today, I'm very thankful for him and for this!


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