Tuesday, June 26, 2012


     I'm surprised it's been almost a week since I've posted.  I'm more surprised I have time to write tonight.   In a nutshell, Stomach Bug 2012 has hit and it hasn't been pretty.  Lars was home last Thursday & Friday, made a somewhat miraculous recovery on Saturday - only after we'd cancelled our hotel and weekend get-away plans.  It's a good thing he's so cute.  He's passed his sickness along to his big sisters and is doing pretty good these days.

We managed to take a completely spur-of-the-moment day trip "Up North" on Saturday.  I got in the car thinking we'd head up to Target after Brandt stopped at a customers house, and we ended up heading to Brainerd for the day.  The kids napped for a good part of the 2 hour drive there, and were super on the way home too!  They LOVED Poncho & Leftys mexican restaurant, and it was the first time we did something without planning in YEARS. 

     Abby has been home sick all day today, I worked all day and all evening yesterday so I feel at least a little caught up.  I threw together a huge pan of lasagna this afternoon, made an extra small one for Brandt's Grandparents, took Elle & Em to swim lessons while Grandpa & Meg stayed home with Abby & Lars, dropped off my lasagna present, ran to Target to get more Gatorade and came home. 

     Swimming was a little more interesting this year.  Elle started Level I tonight, and was a hit with the kids:  she taught them all how to blow air boobs into their swimsuits... her instructors caught me after class to thank me for the laugh and suggest that I put her in Level II.  Wasn't sure if I should be a proud Momma, or if she was a little too mature for the other 5 year olds.  ;) 

     She had a BLAST, and I'm looking forward to Thursday nights class!

     Tonight has been quiet - Brandt is working with a couple of new sales reps, Abby is settled onto the couch and seemingly feeling better.  Elle has made a floor bed for her and Lars and they are quiet.  Quiet in that "My back is gonna kill me carrying these big kids up to bed" sorta way.  The big girls rode their bikes to their friends house and are having a sleepover until tomorrow morning.  Grandpa Jim is enjoying his final night of snacking before he starts his "cleanse" for his upcoming colonoscopy on Thursday.  Fun times :) 

      Best way to dry off after swim lessons is to bike yourself dry!

 Dads wildflower bed.  We were afraid it was just going to be white... but lots of other flowers are blooming the last couple of days!

 She's sick.  If it makes her feel better to ride her bike in just her undies and flip-flops and not fasten her helmet, then I'm just gonna roll with it.  
I'm that Mom.   

      After begging to have Em's old bike, and after falling off it several times because it really is too big even if she really really wants it, she decided to write to Santa to ask for a new one.  

Yes, I see the tacky bottle of Budweiser on the porch.  No, it's not mine, so it's really not that tacky.  It has, however been there for a few days, so we're back to being tacky again.  

     Killer "skeeto's" this year.  He ate PLENTY of Oreo's tonight, so I'm guessing he tastes pretty darn sweet. 

Goodnight Everyone!

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