Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Portraits

     I totally justify the purchase of my camera by reminding myself I've never had to pay anyone else to take pictures of our children.  My stomach still hurts sometimes when I think about buying it, but I'm dealing with it.  Wine therapy sometimes helps :)

     She likes to have fun with the whole picture taking thing.  I'm happy she made it through the hair washing, blow-drying, flat ironing process... not to mention the putting on a dress ordeal.  She's 3 - why not have some fun, right? 


     She also refused to stand for most of her pictures.  I went with it.  It turned out ok.  


     This is truly Abby.  Mischievous, sparking, & silly!


     It's so hard to believe she's JUST five.  In so many ways, she's older.  This summer has brought her the privilege to swim sans life jacket, ride her bike without training-wheels, and she no longer has to take a nap each afternoon.  It's somewhat sad to remember her as a newborn - seeing her Daddy hold his first baby - bringing her home and surprising his parents with a visit from their first granddaughter (they thought she was still in the NICU) - and reading (and re-reading and re-reading the letter her Dad wrote to me the night she was born)...  it truly seems like yesterday. 

     Truth be told, it's nice this way too.  Independence brings more fun to her days.  Like coming with me to the office each day... being her Grandpas side-kick... having an incredibly close relationship with him is something that will be special to her for her entire life.  And, when I think about it, she's an awfully good "excuse" for me to be five again too!

     Now - off to do some work so I can play all weekend again!

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  1. Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous! The photos turned out amazing and I think the camera was a wise investment!!