Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some short thoughts...

     Sometimes the best ideas come from WAY out in left field.  
I love that my kids think outside the box!


  Cat nap anyone?  
It's best to rest whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.
This is especially pertinent to anyone expecting a baby anytime soon.  
Ahem... maybe you Nic? 

Puffy Chocolate Chip cookies are the best.
Brandt swears by the thin chewy ones...  but not me.
I recently spent a great deal of time (and eggs, flour, sugar, etc) to get puffy cookies and found a really great recipe on Pinterest that uses vanilla instant pudding mix.  Whodathunkit??

Eating outside is awesome.
The food tastes better.
The kitchen stays cleaner.
The Mom stays happier.

It's best to send a card whenever, for no reason. 
I love getting cards like this.
On a weekday.
Just because. 

THIS.  Is summertime.  
And man could I go for a s'more.  
Or two. 

HAPPY TUESDAY!  Only 3 more days until the weekend is upon us!!

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