Friday, June 8, 2012


I've always loved spending my lunch on Fridays looking through the blogs that link up over at Kellys Korner and finally decided to actually participate in one!   I've always been a firm believer that people fall into one of two categories:  Clean counter tops & Cluttered counter tops.  I'm more of a cluttered type of person myself... 

     This weeks topic is Kitchens!  I remember when we first found our house, I fell in love with the kitchen more than anything else!  I loved how open it was, and the color of the cabinets too.  I was excited to have something other than white appliances, and really excited to have two ovens!!


     There are 8 people in our family, so we do a lot of baking and cooking - and I'm thankful we were able to find a home that accommodates our love for big family dinners!

     The woman who owned our home before us had great taste in colors and she put in all new appliances and counter tops shortly before she placed her home back on the market.  While I love what she picked for colors, I do NOT love the black granite she picked for the majority of the counter tops.  It shows every single speck of dirt and every tiny fingerprint.  The island counter top is much more forgiving and hides a mess nicely :)

     We finally splurged a year ago and bought our first new dining room table.   The others were hand-me-downs (which are great because I love eating at a table knowing there have been thousands of dinner conversations had over meals at that very same table) or were purchased used.   But, we bought a table big enough for most of us.  We're rarely all home together and when we are, we can add a couple chairs and pull out the leaf.

     The pantry is a huge plus for us to have - although I don't think it could ever be large enough.   Our desk area looks cluttered because it IS always cluttered.  We have a "no computer use in private" rule at our house - so this is a huge high traffic area for us which is fine.  I like having us all in one big area for most of the time spent at home/indoors.

     What I like least is our entrance area.  It's THEE most used door to our house -  leads right out to the deck/pool area... and is ALWAYS cluttered with shoes, shoes, and more shoes.  Oh, and as you can see... crumbs.    And possibly a macaroni noodle. 


  1. What a kitchen! All those shoes at the door made me smile. I've always got at least two pairs sitting in the doorway :)

  2. I LOVE your dining room table....where did you get it?! Beautiful kitchen too! :)

  3. I had an oven like that in my old house. I miss it because it was a double oven and being able to bake in two ovens at the same time is a time saver.