Sunday, June 17, 2012


     One apple.

Hundreds of beautiful apple blossoms, and we got one apple. 

     I know it's only the 2nd year with the apple trees, and I understand that these things take time... but just a few months ago, these two trees were planning for a couple hundred apples.  I thought there would be enough for making some pies and some to just eat right from the tree.  I told Brandt we'd have to bob for apples during our fall party this year and had even looked up some recipes on how to make & can applesauce. 

 I had plans for these apples. 

     I sat down and did a little research to find out what I did wrong.  I figured I had planted the trees too far apart, or even purchased the wrong trees.  By "I" I mean Brandt... because he bought and planted them both :) Before I found anything I was searching for, I found a forum on apple growing and within a few minutes learned that it's actually beneficial to not grow apples early on in the trees life.  Growing fruit takes away from growing roots.  Several experienced growers had talked about their new(er) trees having the same issue, and believed it was because we are supposed to have a hard upcoming winter.  

     It reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend the other day.  We talked about how life changes on a dime.  We often don't know how or why or when it will even turn and start heading in a totally different direction ~ but it happens all the time and we don't ever really notice until we're down that road a little ways. 

     Look back to the day you met your husband/wife... as you crawled out of bed that morning you likely had no idea what the day held in store for you.   God did.  

     Remember several months before you learned you were expecting a baby.  Did you see that in your plans?  Even if you had, did it turn out exactly as you had planned?  God already knew.  

     One year ago, my best friend had just started to reconcile with her ex-husband.  They still lived apart (in different towns), shared a 6 year old little girl, worked at their jobs.  Today, they live in a new town, together, have new jobs, a new home, and are expecting a baby boy any day now.  

     7 days before I met Brandt I had just had my pre-surgical appointment for getting my tubes tied.  I lived in a town an hour from here, worked for the same company I'd been with for 10+ years, and had decided to remain single for at least the next couple of years while I made the transition to single motherhood a bit easier.  Today, He and I have our own business, I made the move to our current town, we have three more children (he managed to talk me out of my surgery during the first 7 days I knew him...), and my life is as different today from what it was back then as it possibly could be.  

     And I never saw it coming.  

But God did.  

     Just like with the apple trees, he grows our roots before our fruit.

    And just like with the apple trees ~ we can't see what his plan is, or why we don't have what we want at the time, but it's how it's meant to be... with reason.  

     So while we only have one apple to share this fall, we'll really appreciate the taste we do get to have (unless the damn deer get to it before we do) and wait to do some more growing until next year.

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