Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Things Friday.

   Back in the day when I had five minutes to watch TV, Oprah was a choice I made.  She was interesting, had some awesome guests, and happened to be on during naptime.  Which was the main deciding factor.  She also had the most wonderful giveaways in her "Favorite Things" episodes.   While I was completely enamored by her final Favorite Things episode in 2010, what I've always loved most were the little trinkets she gave to her audience. 

     Thanks to Oprah, I'm a believer of Hope In A Jar by Philosophy, and owner of the Prepara Herb Savor, an admirer of Le Creuset cookware, and someday I hope to try Williams-Sonoma's mini croissants.  She's also sparked a fun party idea that I've done twice now - and that is to hold my own small Favorite Things get-togethers!

     It's really a fun time - and can be made to fit into a variety of budgets.  I started off really small the first year, and set a $5 limit on the item each person could bring for each other guest.   I invited people (and then more people, and then 2 more people) until I had exactly 10 people that had committed to showing up.  Turns out I shouldn't have done this at Christmastime...  People.  Are.  Busy!!  And some are really crabby when you expect them to give up a whole night a week before Christmas to come over and hang out.  Sheessh!!!!  :)

     Each person was asked to find one product they loved and then purchase 9 of those items.  They could wrap them anyway they wanted, and were asked to write a short testimony as to why they wanted to share their item.  Some of the girls went over the top and printed out these super cute note cards with their mini-commercials on them... and really decorated some nice gift bags!  Some wrapped their items - and I was festive enough to tie a ribbon around each of mine.  But, I supplied the wine.  So people still liked me best!  HA!

I chose: 


     And yes, of course I could have ordered a new tube and taken a nicer picture.  But there is still plenty left for at least another month of use in this tube, and I'm cheap frugal. Besides, there were no amazing coupon codes to buy any new tubes and I'll be darned if I'm spending an arm and a leg just to have nice arms and legs. 

     But this stuff is the BOMB.  A tube will last me 3-4 months, and it was nice to see how little I needed to use.  Prior to using this, my cuticles and hands were a mess.  I was also single for all intents and purposes.  A week before Christmas I got some of this stuff, my hands softened right up - and wouldn't ya know it - I got engaged on Christmas Eve.  Well sort of.  He never actually said the words "Will you marry me?"...  But I got a ring.  And now I'm planning the wedding.  So boy will he be in for a surprise if this was just a "Hey, thanks for having a house, and a business and 3 kids with me" ring. 

     So - since I've opened my big mouth to all my friends, and told them all I'll be blogging DAILY for the summer, this is the first official Favorite Things Friday post I'm doing.  Next Friday I'll try to post it a little earlier so that you can all relax a little bit while at work, and make plans to leave early just to run out and buy some :) 

    Have a GREAT Friday everyone!!

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  1. I love this idea, I may have to "borrow" it this year!!

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