Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby Blues & Elle's Last Day


     I'm reminded time and time again to bring my camera with me each time I leave the house.  I still forget almost all the time.  Yesterday, I brought it along to get a couple pictures of Elle on her last day of pre-school and before I left Lars with his teachers, I got this shot of him.  Such a serious little look! When I see him so solemn and clean it's hard to imagine that he'll be home full of dirt, spaghetti sauce, and covered with almost half a s'more just several hours later. Due to the major sugar high he was experiencing at the time, I was unable to get him to hold still long enough for a picture.  Sorry.  It would have been a GOOD picture too... 

     School's out for summer!  At least for Elle.  She's gotten to be such a big girl lately that we've decided to keep her at home with us for a few months before she heads off to school in the fall.  Between coming to the office with me, hanging out with her Grandma, and the occasional day at home with her 2 big sisters & Grandpa we'll hopefully have our bases covered.  We're moving Brandt into a new office at the office - which means there will be plenty of room for her to hang out with me most days.  I think I will work harder while listening to PBS in the background :) 

     This was the last time she walked into her classroom.  She's officially a pre-school graduate and as excited as she was to not have to go to school everyday, she was a little sad on the ride home yesterday.  She loves her teachers and friends and even loves playing with her brother & sister each day.  I told her it's ok to be sad, but to remember she can always go back to visit (especially on field trip days!) and she'll see lots of these kids in the fall. 

    Having her done with her "school" makes it feel a little more like summer is here this weekend.  The big girls are done this coming Thursday so lots of changes are coming our way!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys as much sunshine as they say we'll have here in Minnesota!

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  1. Hello Cathy,

    I am wandering around here on my first day as a Blog-Train member and came upon your Blog. What a wonderful family page. I have really enjoyed my look into your life.

    Thank you.

    My Regards to all of you.
    Bill H.