Thursday, May 31, 2012

All I Need To Know...

      I remember reading a poem for a wedding when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  It was called All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten and was written by Robert Fulghum.   His words have stuck with me ever since, and occasionally I pull them back out of my mind and remember why I remember them. 

     As the oldest of my youngest three starts Kindergarten this coming fall, I'm excited for all of the experiences she has ahead.  Her life is a book full of blank pages, only having been written and drawn in by her family so far.  She'll make her own friends, develop relationships with teachers, pick her favorite and least favorite school lunches, and many many other "firsts". 

     One minute, I worry about what will happen when she gets a paper cut and who will put her band-aid on for her... and the next minute I'm a teeny-tiny bit relieved that we won't go through nearly as many band-aids at home with her being gone everyday.  I'm tellin' ya... this kid has a band-aid FETISH like no other...  sheesh!!!

      Robert Fulghum may remind us what we learned in Kindergarten, but as parents - we've had the amazing opportunity to teach our kids quite a lot before we turn them over to the wonderful people in our school system.

Don't run.  Walk and enjoy what you see.  Also, the deck is slippery and we don't need to be picking anymore slivers out of your behind (true story). 

Find a solid place to start & begin on solid footings.  Us.  Your family. 

Be safe, be careful, but don't hesitate.  Know what you want to do, and move towards it. 

Leap BIG.  Jump HIGH.  

There are no do-overs.  Make the biggest splash each and every time you get a chance.

Leave a legacy.  
Even after you have left the room, and can no longer be seen - 
the waves you have created are still seen and felt by those still present. 

Because, as Robert Fulghum also said, "It only matters what you do". 


  1. What a great blog mama!

    I've spent a while "catching up" reading all your interesting posts! Thanks for sharing ;0

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

  2. THANK YOU Samantha!!! :) I've spent some time reading through yours as well.

  3. What an awesome post and the pictures are lovely :D I also love your blog's design :) Dropping by from BlogFrog. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Anne! I was referred to Blogger Boutique and she's been great! Hope you have a sun-shine & fun filled weekend!!

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