Thursday, May 31, 2012

All I Need To Know...

      I remember reading a poem for a wedding when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  It was called All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten and was written by Robert Fulghum.   His words have stuck with me ever since, and occasionally I pull them back out of my mind and remember why I remember them. 

     As the oldest of my youngest three starts Kindergarten this coming fall, I'm excited for all of the experiences she has ahead.  Her life is a book full of blank pages, only having been written and drawn in by her family so far.  She'll make her own friends, develop relationships with teachers, pick her favorite and least favorite school lunches, and many many other "firsts". 

     One minute, I worry about what will happen when she gets a paper cut and who will put her band-aid on for her... and the next minute I'm a teeny-tiny bit relieved that we won't go through nearly as many band-aids at home with her being gone everyday.  I'm tellin' ya... this kid has a band-aid FETISH like no other...  sheesh!!!

      Robert Fulghum may remind us what we learned in Kindergarten, but as parents - we've had the amazing opportunity to teach our kids quite a lot before we turn them over to the wonderful people in our school system.

Don't run.  Walk and enjoy what you see.  Also, the deck is slippery and we don't need to be picking anymore slivers out of your behind (true story). 

Find a solid place to start & begin on solid footings.  Us.  Your family. 

Be safe, be careful, but don't hesitate.  Know what you want to do, and move towards it. 

Leap BIG.  Jump HIGH.  

There are no do-overs.  Make the biggest splash each and every time you get a chance.

Leave a legacy.  
Even after you have left the room, and can no longer be seen - 
the waves you have created are still seen and felt by those still present. 

Because, as Robert Fulghum also said, "It only matters what you do". 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm gonna miss this.

     What a difference in life from last year. 

As Dorothy once said, "Things change so quickly here".  

     It seems as if I've run out of babies.  I caught myself warning the bigger kids a few times this past weekend to be careful where they jump in because of "the baby" ... and to try not to splash "the baby".  And the truth is, we don't have a baby anymore.  He's almost 3.  I can feel my ovaries aching (literally) as I realize once again that there is no more.  

The very first picture of my only baby boy...

The last picture I have of him to date...

     Somedays, it's hard to remember all the steps it takes to go from breastmilk to cupcakes - but I know there were lots.  It seems like just a few short months ago that we spent 6 weeks in the NICU with him, and I clearly remember the day we brought him home.  I also remember the car seat and shaken baby syndrome videos they made me watch before we could leave.  Having had 4 other kids (3 of which were NICU babies) I had watched before and vaguely paid attention.  Mostly, I sat there looking at him - knowing his peaceful, quiet little world was coming to an end.  He was about to be tossed into life with 4 big sisters, the youngest still a baby herself.  I sat there, watching him while he took his car seat test, and knew that life was about to change for both him and I.  I almost wanted time to stand still.  At least for another day or two... but it didn't.  It just went on. 

     Then came the lack of sleep.  I'm sure there are other moms who can relate to sleepless nights for the better part of the last 6 years - and I'd like to say KUDOS to you all.  I failed at this many times (Just ask B!) and was a crabby, cranky, overtired, exhausted, no fun girl somedays.  Possibly many days.  But I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and believe it's close to 2 weeks now (barring the night of puke) where we've all slept through the night.  Lemme tell ya... it's Niiiiiiice.

     But, days like today - when I have time to pause, I think about the moments these pictures remind me of.  Part of why I love taking so many snapshots is because these images help me remember details otherwise forgotten.  They spark stories.  And laughter - because there isn't a day that goes by without some major hilarity in our house.  "Hey mom... remember how you thought there wasn't a battery in that saw..."  and so on and so forth...  ;)

     I guess as they grow up, we grow older ourselves - and start to pay attention to the really important stuff in our lives.  Which for me, is watching them grow up.  

 I'm gonna miss this hat wearing, powertool playing (please note, there are NO batteries), sister loving, cowboy being, gator riding, cat cuddling, sliding little boy!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nice to meet you!

Hi!  I'm Cathy & am following Kelly's lead over @ Kelly's Korner Blog. 

I'm a mom to 5 busy kids, a business owner, an amateur photographer, a soon to be wife (although all I'm missing on that deal is the ceremony!), a piano player, and more!

I live in East Central, Minnesota and LOVE to read other's blogs as well as spend some time on Pinterest too!

Nice to meet you!