Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Sentences...

I'm home yet again with another sick kiddo today.  This is her 2nd sick day at home this week and although I totally believe she's sick (she spent the better part of the morning in the bathroom) she found plenty of time to try on a new outfit we scored on at a local garage sale this morning.  Please pay no attention to the dirty feet.  We had some black dirt delivered yesterday to fill in some low spots - and she's rather in love with it. 

      For whatever reason, the 3 biggest kids have taken to tree climbing this summer.  Correction:  Barefoot Tree Climbing.  So far, the kids are winning with no broken bones!

    Dad moved in almost a month ago now, and our yard has never looked better!!  I do wish, however, that he liked laundry instead of landscaping - but I'm happy he's enjoying his retirement doing what he loves!  I tell him almost daily that retirement for him simply means he gets tired today - and will get re-tired again tomorrow.  HA!   Thanks to B & Dad (and last summers storm that knocked down lots of our trees), we have a woodpile ready for bonfires that will last us several summers - and we've been enjoying almost nightly bonfires for the past week.  S'mores are the dessert of choice and while they are messy, eating outside helps keep the kitchen MUCH cleaner! 

     I'm loving the sunshine and blue skies these days - and can't wait for the REAL summer to arrive!


  1. I can't believe that is was that beautiful ANYWHERE in April! You are so lucky! I live in northern Alberta. We are totally happy if we can go outside WITHOUT a parka in April! And to have green grass? Sigh.

    1. Diane - we were VERY blessed this spring. We hit 70 degrees in FEBRUARY!! Then sunk back into a blizzard the last 2 days of the month... had 80's in march... a COLD end to March... cold April - and now a much warmer sunnier May. I was pretty happy for the nice weather as I was TIRED of winter!!