Friday, April 20, 2012


Every mom is guilty
of putting herself last a little more often than occasionally.

We are blessed to instinctively focus on what our families need from the second we roll out of bed until the moment we climb back in.

And we easily lose ourselves.

We still hold dreams for our children and our spouses and our families and our careers - whatever they may be.

We still make plans and live our days and smile and laugh and have our frends.

But a lot of times, we lose ourselves.

Who we were becomes who we are with little looking to our pasts.  We wait a year between haircuts as there is no "time" for such luxury.  And we probably wanted to grow our hair out anyways.  Moms think these thoughts as they sit at the pool for hours on end while all their children learn to swim.

And someday - we wish we could do it all again.   


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