Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just write...

     I look at this picture and don't see my 4 year old little girl anymore. 
 Instead, I see

"I want to pick out my own outfit"
"I can pour my own milk Mommy"
"I think I want to wear a necklace"
"I'm not tired yet"
"Can I spend the night at Grandmas?"

 I'm happy she's healthy & growing up & kind & beautiful
and a million other wonderful things.

I really really am.

But I look at her younger sister... 
and see her trying to be "so big" too.  

Gone are the days of picking Dora t-shirts...
here are the days of pretty roses instead. 

Gone are the tears of not wanting to sit still
here are the tears of not wanting to be done taking pictures.  

I feel like each day I lose some of their childhoods... 
having to work
and be gone
and I miss them.
Sometimes I'm home and too busy...
and ironically, it's then that I miss them too.

I'm here but gone a lot... 

And then - 
I see he's fallen asleep on the floor.
(Amidst the crumbs of course)
And I get to stop - and smile... 
and realize I have another chance
to stop and smile.

I'm not losing moments - 
I'm gaining memories. 

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1 comment:

  1. Wish I took the time to take pics like the one of the bottle. I didn't know that much about photography when our older kids were small and I feel sad to have missed capturing some of the things I know I would have seen. Great shot and meaningful post.