Monday, August 22, 2011


    Every year, just before school starts, my Dads side of the family hosts a big Family Reunion at the family farm.  My dads cousin is an avid golfer and has actually turned his mostly unused pasture into a very very nicely groomed 18 hole golf course called "The Pastures" (which is part of the PPGA - The Pastures Professional Golfers Association - HA!).  The day consists of a "Cousins Tournament" and some amazing food prepared by Pat (who owns a local eatery in town). 


     Each year, I try to get a group picture of all the kids and each year I fail.  True - they are all present in the picture, but never, not ever, can I get them all to look the same way.  Maybe next year I suppose. 

     I did happen to catch some pretty awesome shots of the kids individually - and it amazes me how lucky I get with pictures somedays...  like this one (which happens to be my newest most favorite picture I've ever taken!!) -  She was about to climb up on this old tractor when I said "Hey - Smile!"... she turned to look and THIS is what I got.  A little vignette-ing and Voila!  Perfect light - perfect pose.  LUCKY shot!

     And then comes Lars.  And there goes Lars.  I'm just thankful he held still for 1 or 2 seconds so I could take a picture of him.  He was busy.  The whole day.  But man did that kid sleep last night!!!


     Elle had a blast and made new friends who helped her find a caterpillar of her very own (it now lives in a diaper-wipes container because he wanted a sun-roof - smart kid!).  She was WIPED by the time I got her to sit still and take a picture... the day before she had been a flowergirl in a wedding, and the day before that she had stayed at her Grandparents house...  she was exhausted to say the least!

     Her Grandma earns 100% of the credit for this beautiful little girl that day - she chose her dress, did her hair, her nails, found her perfectly matching shoes - and when she couldn't find ivory colored socks - she did what any grandmother would do - she tossed them in the coffee pot!  And it worked!  This woman knows more tricks and tips than anyone I've ever known - she's awesome!!!

     Elle and her sister had lots of fun taking pictures (for 3.5 minutes - then they wanted nothing more to do with them)...  and Lars...

     He sat for one picture.  Thankfully it was a decent one.  He's not smiling by the way - he's showing us his teeth.  We just got REALLY REALLY lucky that it happens to look like a smile when he does it.  And also - his shirt is really navy blue and not black like his sisters dress - but nobody will ever notice - and maybe I can photoshop it black, huh?  (again, another tip from Grandma!).  So shhhhhhhh!!!

     I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful weekend - it's starting to feel more and more like fall here - and truth be told - I CANNOT WAIT!!!



  1. Following you now!! LOVE love love your pics!! Would love to share our photos at the swap each week!!

  2. This is precious! Now following ;-) (Via blog frog MauLoa Photography community — )


  3. Your photos are beautiful! I don't take photos of people as much as the outdoor world. I think people photos are much harder. You did an awesome job of your children!

  4. these are great! I definitely think you could start putting yourself out there as a photographer in your community.
    Go for it!