Sunday, July 3, 2011

Minnesota Nice...

     I'm proud to be from Minnesota.  

It's simple.
We planned to spend our 4th of July helping ( & visiting)  a good friend - 

when a pretty bad storm hit. 

Before we had a chance to really worry about home... 

A friend had sent us pictures of our yard.

Then another friend - and another.   

 So we cut our vacation very short and drove back home. 
It wasn't pretty - but it's all fixable.  

Shortly after, we learned the family my sister was staying with 
was much worse off than us.  


So we got a sitter and went on a date 90 miles away to go help.
 yes... alone without children = a date!

 Today we are home again - with some help of our own.

From Family & Friends - so it doesn't seem so much like work.

But more like the 4th of July weekend we had planned to begin with.
Food, Family, Friends, Fireworks...

And now - thanks to God...

Lots and Lots of Firewood.  

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