Thursday, July 14, 2011


My buttons came today.
 Suddenly I was back to being 8 years old
sitting on the livingroom floor
sifting through a button jar
still seen so clearly today in my mind.
Stringing them together making necklaces.
Sorting them by color, 

Now I'm the Mom.
I have the buttons
Passed down from the Great Grandma and the Grandma and the Mom.
Adding to the collection with treasured buttons of my own. 
Learning the history they hold
while creating their future at the same time.  

Everything has a story.
Whether old or new.
Some stories are passed to you from generations ago
while others start with you - today
and years from now will be a story told to your great great great grandchildren
who will sit on their floors and make button necklaces. 

1 comment:

  1. Such a sweet post, I have lots of buttons from my Grandmother too :) Regarding the chalk paint, yes the biggest seller is that you don't have to prep...The prep is the part I hate most and sometimes skip it and I pay for it later. If you don't mind the prep of sanding and priming then I would save your pennies and not buy it. But if it drives you as nuts as me it's worth every dollar :)