Sunday, June 12, 2011


After a year of thinking and mulling it over and tossing it around and hemming and hawing - I've decided to stay with Canon and purchased an EOS 60D.

I'm really very cheap frugal when it comes to purchasing anything expensive.  I should add that my qualifications for deeming something "expensive" are much broader than most.  I should add that I ALWAYS use coupons and tell you that they don't make coupons for cameras.   No they don't - I checked.  And... I'll tell you that I still have a pit in my stomach from buying something like this for myself.

BUT - It's here to stay and I love it!

   We were lucky enough to have my Dad come stay with us this weekend and he helped Brandt get a nice start on the woodpile.  Apparently wood burns nicer/easier when having a bonfire if it's been split first.  Who knew!

     Last week we spent 4 days in Wisconsin Dells with our kids.  While we were gone my Dad came to house sit for us.  At least he told us he was going to house sit.  What he really did was plant the garden, clean the garage, mow the lawn, and trim the trees.  I love that he did all of this but feel guilty WE didn't get to it ourselves.  I don't feel as guilty as I do about buying my camera - but still....  

     I'm especially excited about the radishes.  Mostly because they will be ready first.  Then the peas.  The glorious sweet sugar snap peas.  The "I'll be in the garden eating raw peas right from their pods" peas.  Then will come the table onions and the green beans and then the corn & the potatoes.  I'm not gonna hold my breath for any/many strawberries though and know not to plan on asparagus until sometime in 2013.  I think the raspberries & blueberries will show up that year too except for the wild ones.  Those will be here SOON!

     I had to play with my new toy as well - and found I have a lot to learn. 

Luckily I had a very willing model!

     Canon EOS 60D for Dummies has been read to page 30 so far.

     And finally a more updated picture of the house. 

  Finally our house.

  Our home. 

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