Thursday, June 23, 2011


      Just a short time ago, I was done with having babies.  
An appointment was made to get my tubes tied. 
I was very much ok with that chapter in my life being over.   
and Her
and Me.

And somehow God found out about that plan.   
And he laughed. 
And he changed my plan and probably laughed some more.  

And then there were four.
Plus Me. 
And Plus her Daddy.  
So then there were five  
Five was enough and five was all.
Really just five.  No more

And then a year passed and life settled a bit.
I almost got a full nights sleep.  I think...
And God remembered my old plan
and chuckled at the irony.
 And THEN...
We outgrew our car
and our house
and our truck
and our pantry
and our bedrooms
and somedays our sanity.
Well... with 5 girls and just one of him - 
I think he outgrew his sanity first.  

And God watched and loved
and laughed and grinned
and less than a year
after there were six

 There were seven. 
To be continued...

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  1. If this means what I think it means I am so freaking happy for you!